“Quant au monde, quand sortiras, que sera-t-il devenu? En tout cas, rien des apparences actuelles.” - Rimbaud, 1873




No trace of now will remain.


Inspired by the writings of Rimbaud and Victorian mourning attire, Gail Chovan gives exaggerated form to the long deceased by adorning apparitions in hyper-stylized garments and accessories from the past. Chovan uses fragments and fabrication to enshroud memories, give form to absence and celebrate remnants as potent vehicles for resuscitation.


Chovan is an apparel designer, artist and educator. She studied at the University de Paris lll, NYU and ESMOD. Her work ranges from runway shows to installations of garments created from unexpected materials. Having shown in venues in Austin and Marfa, Texas as well as in galleries in Paris, France, this will be her first solo show at Women and Their Work. She resides in Austin with her family and is on the faculty of the Division of Textiles and Apparel at the University of  Texas.