Gail Chovan is an apparel designer living in Austin, Texas. She received her Masters in French Literature in Paris where she then switched her focus to clothing construction. Gail attended ESMOD & Duperré and launched her first apparel collection in 1988. Eventually, Gail moved back to the states and began producing one-of-a-kind, limited edition pieces. Since 2010, she has released five seasonal collections under her own name. In 2014, Gail decided to eschew the constraints and implications of season-specific designs in favor of pieces she approaches as unique and artful constructions. They maintain their permanence, relevance, and inimitable style throughout the years. Gail returns to Paris every summer to teach Apparel Design at the Sorbonne. During the academic year, Gail is a Lecturer in the Division of Textiles & Apparel Design at the University of Texas at Austin.


Gail Chovan's creations reflect her appreciation of fine craftsmanship and timelessness. Her atelier is a 100-year-old former grocery store she shares with her husband, artist Evan Voyles. There, crumbling walls and vintage sewing machines surround her as she works. Chovan’s life and creative philosophy are intertwined. She finds value and beauty in imperfection, things handmade, children and good cocktails. Chovan's designs are most often monochromatic, without the distraction of hue. Texture, form, and line take precedence. She presents a runway show each fall in her hometown and twice yearly, is represented by VOID Showroom in the Marais during Paris Fashion Week.



It's about atemporality. About opting out

of the industrialization of novelty.

It's about deeper code.


- William Gibson